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released April 20, 2012



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Track Name: Beautiful Thing, the Destruction of Words
We lost the way, oh yes we have
We lost our way, oh yes we have
Strayed off the path, then burned the map

Folks need machines to run their lives
Anyone but themselves to live their lives
I'm losin' faith in these modern times

Oh the flock don't know where its been led
No that flock don't know where its been led
Now them sheep best pray the wolves' been fed

Some things never change, this I know
Some things don't change, ya this I know
Guess I'll drown in bourbon to kill my sorrow

© 2010 Eric Reichmuth
Track Name: The Gem
You don't care anymore to see me
I can tell by the way your hair falls in your face
You didn't give yourself a reason
To think God would forgive you for the way you fell from grace

I didn't need anyone's opinion
A liar, a doll a saint to fake love

A blank stare meets its reflection in the bathroom mirror
The deep lines a roadmap to the times when we felt something at all

I try to put this all behind me
As a child drowned in coins that poured on top of me
So go and bury yourself in treasure
A successful man, take his hand and fake love

Now the clock strikes fear
An empty bed, an open wound
Just give it time to let it fade